Porn: Truth, Lies, and a Challenge...

I recently read an article that promoted pornography as a good thing. That's wrong. Porn is actually a problem, not something to be celebrated. However, mixed in with the lies, there are a number of things the article got exactly right about porn. Let's take some time to sort out the truth from the lies. 

When Evolutionary Biologists Get it Right

Our highly-evolved scientists can tell us exactly what the biological or evolutionary "purpose" is for all kinds of human attributes. Why do we have thumbs? Why do we have tongues? Ask them. They know. They believe we are the way we are for a very particular reason. They believe in a design. Granted, the designer is not so much intelligent as adamant, but the design still exists. Evolution demands that we propagate--and successfully. It is absolutely adamant about this. If we didn't, we would die out.

Why Marriage?

This is a sermon that I preached at a wedding early this year. I've never had as many people angry at me as I did after the ceremony. But I also had a number of people come up to me and thank me profusely. It has always been the case that the preaching of God's word causes division. And now, the sermon.


The Gospel Is Hidden? And This Is Good?

In his speech to the nation about the killing of Osama bin Laden, President Obama thanked the men who carried out the operation. Fitting, certainly. What I found fascinating was this response by a commenter on the Huffington Post:

"Good speech, but I'm not overjoyed about the instance of sexist language. ("We give thanks for the men who carried out this operation. ..") I know he doesn't MEAN anything by it but a little vigilance would be nice." --Anannya 

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