I Didn't Raise My Daughter to Be a Wife and Mother!

This sad, anti-Christian refrain is repeated over and over by Christian parents of Christian college students, attending Christian churches with Christian grandparents firmly nodding their heads in agreement. Of course, rarely is it worded so clearly. But the truth will out, as God has promised, and sometimes in desperation, these parents come right out and say what they mean. 

So let me ask a question. What exactly did you raise her to be? A beach ball. A dog. A frog. A log. A poodle. A noodle. A doodle. (Bob, would you please leave?)

The Gospel Is Hidden? And This Is Good?

In his speech to the nation about the killing of Osama bin Laden, President Obama thanked the men who carried out the operation. Fitting, certainly. What I found fascinating was this response by a commenter on the Huffington Post:

"Good speech, but I'm not overjoyed about the instance of sexist language. ("We give thanks for the men who carried out this operation. ..") I know he doesn't MEAN anything by it but a little vigilance would be nice." --Anannya 

Today's Major Misogynist Malfunction

I remember in a couple of college history courses, and in conversations with women's studies majors, the argument being made that we don't really know what was going on in history because almost all the books were written by men. The argument goes something like this: "The history books are always written by the winners. This means that we have to be suspicious of the books, since they will tend to be self-justifying. Now, in the great battle between the sexes, the men were always winning, and so they wrote the history books from their own twisted woman-hating male-justifying perspective.

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