March 2012

Worldliness in the Church

What few Christians seem to realize is that a church may take a strong stand against certain flagrant sins of the world and yet be decidedly worldly. That is a fact worth dwelling upon...

The leaders of a church not infrequently follow the bad example of Jesus' twelve disciples and vie with one another for honor. That, too, is worldliness. 

We Judge Motives All the Time

Attributing sinful motives to a man today will quickly bring the response, "We can't know the heart. We must not act as though we can read people's minds." or something of that sort. But it's almost always when somebody is offended that he says this, just like people only say, "Judge not lest ye be judged!" when they are offended. The second quote is trotted out when you confront a man about his sinful actions, but it is the first quote I'm interested in. That one is used when you confront a man about his sinful motives. So let's answer the burning question. Is he right?