January 2012

A Conference On Pastoral Care

The upcoming ClearNote Pastors' conference is going to be on pastoral care. I'm very much looking forward to attending, and I would encourage all pastors and elders who can to attend. It is one month from now, February 23-24, and the cost is only $50.

Should Christians Get Vaccinated?

I was listening to a Christian radio station today as I drove. (It's a long story.) Anyway, there was a talk program on. It soon became clear that the topic was raising children, and the author being interviewed was describing how to handle angry outbursts like throwing toys down the stairs, slamming doors, etc. He was explaining the importance of finding out what your child is feeling in order to determine why they behaved in that way. Rather than discipline them for the wrong behavior, find out why they behaved that way and help them to evaluate whether their response was good.

I Didn't Raise My Daughter to Be a Wife and Mother!

This sad, anti-Christian refrain is repeated over and over by Christian parents of Christian college students, attending Christian churches with Christian grandparents firmly nodding their heads in agreement. Of course, rarely is it worded so clearly. But the truth will out, as God has promised, and sometimes in desperation, these parents come right out and say what they mean. 

So let me ask a question. What exactly did you raise her to be? A beach ball. A dog. A frog. A log. A poodle. A noodle. A doodle. (Bob, would you please leave?)