November 2010

Do Crazy Things

This phrase has been my theme for the last few weeks. It all started when I asked David, our assistant pastor, to inform somebody that communion is only for those who have repented of and turned away from their sin. Afterwards, we were talking, and I told David that this was the work of being a pastor or elder. It constantly requires us to do crazy things. After all, what good could possibly come from confronting somebody over their sin?

Standing in the Gap: Warning God's People

In my last post, I was speaking of the necessity of shepherds fighting God's enemies. I explained that it requires warning God's people away from those enemies. But that is only half of the story.

Standing in the Gap: Fighting God's Enemies

In a recent post, I explained that Standing in the Gap means three things. This post will focus on the first one: Fighting against the enemies of God to protect His people.

The first thing to note is that this work is still necessary today. 

Invitations to Preach

I love to preach. In case anybody was curious, now you know. It isn't easy, by any stretch of the imagination, but I still love preaching. Recently I've received two invitations to preach. The first one was at the Church of the Good Shepherd men's retreat last weekend. I gave 4 sermons (one of which was unplanned) on the topic, "Confess your sins to one another" from James 5. Some of the men from our church were able to attend, including a guest and even one man who recently moved away.