Our first week at Kiwanis

Today was our first Sunday meeting at the Kiwanis International headquarters building. We had a wonderful time, with an Easter feast after the service. Everything went very smoothly thanks to all the help both from those in the church and the Kiwanis staff. A big thank you to everybody at Kiwanis who was involved making our move from the YMCA a success, especially Cathy who was very patient with all our questions and visits, Ken and the others in facilities, and Rene who was our concierge today. And another big thank you to Daniel Meyer who worked hard to get everything arranged, even though he and his family were out of town today and David Pryor who not only led us in worship but helped get our sound technicians trained.

We are so excited to be in our new location. We've got a nicer facility, more flexibility in how we use the space, and plenty of room to grow. What an answer to prayer!

The picture is from just before we ate.