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Helpful Quotes About Prayer

Submitted by admin on February 21, 2012 - 3:21pm

These quotes come from "The Hidden Life of Prayer" by David M'Intyre. Let them be an encouragement to you to learn to "pray without ceasing". (With thanks to Malorie.)

"The Lord filled me with desire, and made me feel that I must be as much with him alone as with souls in public."

"I should count the days, not by what I have of new instances of usefulness, but by the times I have been enabled to pray in faith, and to take hold upon God."

"The devil is aware that one hour of close fellowship, of hearty converse with God in prayer, is able to pull down what he hath been contriving and building many a year."

"I ought to spend the best hours of the day in communion with God. It is my noblest and most fruitful employment, and is not to be thrust into any corner."

"(a) Pray till you pray; (b) Pray till you are conscious of being heard; (c) Pray till you receive an answer."

"His whole life was literally a life of prayer, and his whole ministry a series of battles fought at the mercy-seat."