Praying for God's Mercy on the United States

Earlier this month was the 10 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. As I drove to church that morning, a man was standing on a bridge over I-465, holding a huge flag. He was still there when I drove back home from church. I saw one church that had filled its lawn with American flags. The rallying cry became, "We will never forget." 

Yet, as Doug Wilson has so helpfully pointed out, despite the fact that we have not forgotten, we also have not grasped the reality.

...we are commemorating 9/11 as a people, but we are still not understanding it. Three thousand Americans died in the 9/11 attacks. Approximately three thousand Americans die every day in our abortion mills. It has been ten years now, and that means we have gone through 3,650 9/11s since that horrific September attack. We have had the equivalent of more 9/11 attacks than there were original individual victims in that first attack.

We are horrified by the murders others commit, but we are blind to the ones we as a nation are guilty of. The prophets are full of warnings to God's people that they are not immune from his wrath if they continue in their wicked ways. God's people must pray that our nation would repent. 

This coming Sunday is a great opportunity to do so. After our church service, we will be going together to take part in 40 Days for Life at the Planned Parenthood on the corner of 86th St. and Georgetown Rd. 40 Days for Life is a great opportunity for our church to pray that God would have mercy on our nation, and bring us to repentance for our sins of sexual immorality and the murder of innocent and helpless babies. We will also be fasting for the 24 hours before we go. Afterwards, we will have lunch together as a church. You can read more about 40 Days for Life here.