Homeschool Blindspots

Joshua Harris (yes, that one so memorably connected with a certain book about kissing, er, I mean dating), has posted an excellent article written by Reb Bradley about temptations faced by homeschooling parents. It certainly is perfectly tailored to homeschoolers, but every father or mother in the country would benefit from reading this article, regardless of whether their children are homeschooled, public schooled, private schooled, or out of school. And if you aren't a parent yet, but you might be someday, then you'll benefit too. Go read it

Joshua Harris posted an abridged version here.

You can find the original article here.


The temptation of "ex operate

The temptation of "ex operate operato" thinking is always near. That list was the spurring again to godly fear that I needed (where we realize that we cast ourselves on the mercy of our Savior or we're doomed!) Thank you.


This article is very true.

This article is very true. although the parental figures in a child's life play a very important role the child will not become a perfect mold of the model. (this is not only a disadvantage, it is also a good thing) instead Home school parents should teach their children to stand on their shoulders to be better and achieve far more than they ever could in their lifetime.
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