David Abu-Sara ordained

This past Sunday evening, at ClearNote Church in Bloomington, David Abu-Sara was ordained to the work here in Indianapolis as an evangelist. We have been looking forward to this for some time, and it is a great joy to be able to share the news with those of you who might have missed it.

The sermon, "To the Warriors of Words", was preached by Don Donell, an evangelist (and thus a church planter) in Argentina for years, and now doing the same work in Asheville, NC. You can listen to his sermon here

This followed on the weekend of preaching at the ClearNote Fellowship annual conference. The topic was the Great Commission, and I don't know how to recommend strongly enough that you listen to the recordings. We are so confident that we are working to fulfill the Great Commission today as a church, but do we even understand what it means? You can find the recordings here