Today's Major Misogynist Malfunction

I remember in a couple of college history courses, and in conversations with women's studies majors, the argument being made that we don't really know what was going on in history because almost all the books were written by men. The argument goes something like this: "The history books are always written by the winners. This means that we have to be suspicious of the books, since they will tend to be self-justifying. Now, in the great battle between the sexes, the men were always winning, and so they wrote the history books from their own twisted woman-hating male-justifying perspective. It's a problem. A Big Problem. Fortunately, today we have women's studies departments, so that shouldn't be a problem for people in the future studying our period of history."

Not so fast. It turns out this is still happening! A full 85% of the content on Wikipedia is written by men. The question is, "Is that a problem?" If your goal is to document in detail everything in the world, then yes, it's a problem. Because until women put their shoulder to the grind-wheel* and start writing more, topics such as Friendship Bracelets are always going to lag behind Baseball Cards. In other words, women just have different interests than men, and the communal knowledge-base of simple facts is going to be lacking in certain areas unless they can be convinced to care about documenting facts. And this is where the feminist ideology is self-defeating.

You can't admit that Wikipedia's data would be more full-orbed if women were more involved unless you admit that women have different interests than men in the first place. Those are the interests where we hope they will bring their unique perspective (and writing) to the table. And as soon as you admit that, you open yourself up to the question of whether maybe, just maybe, this isn't at all about the fact that "many women lacked the confidence to put forth their views" (something I've never seen any evidence of online) but instead that women just don't care nearly as much about documenting inane facts as men do. 

Isn't it about time to just move on from the outrageous lies of feminism? Let's admit it. We've been duped.


*The use of an analogy that is or might be offensive to feminists was completely unintentional.


Ah, the first fruit of CNPC's

Ah, the first fruit of CNPC's Essential Alliteration For Pastors class appears... :)

First time reader here, and I

First time reader here, and I really like what I see! It's wonderful to see a church espouse passion for justice these days, thanks! Sorry to drudge up an old post though.

I have a minor point I'd be interested in talking about. I'm not sure I agree that the fact that "women just have different interests than men, and the communal knowledge-base of simple facts is going to be lacking in certain areas unless they can be convinced to care about documenting facts" is a self-defeating aspect of feminism. It seems to me that, in the evidently misogynist atmospheres of sites like Wikipedia and Slashdot, women are defeated by men. They are put down, blatantly rejected or ignored, and calling a women self-defeating when she tries to document facts but is insulted and shunned is a misogynistic reversal.

Dear Anonymous, I would

Dear Anonymous,

I would recommend re-reading the post. I never called any woman or women self-defeating. I called Feminism self-defeating. Feminism claims that there are essentially no differences between men and women. But the differences are so very obvious. In general, women have very little desire to document inane facts. I congratulate them on this. They have better things to do with their time than to try to keep their edits on Wikipedia. If they even bother to edit an article, and then their change gets reverted, they shrug their shoulders and move on. Men are competitive and confrontational, so they spend the next 4 weeks arguing about why their edit should remain.

Feminism cannot explain why women don't write for Wikipedia except by saying, "Well, clearly it must be a misogynistic site." But the truth is ever so much more believable. Women just don't care about the site!



Aw man you're so right my

Aw man you're so right my argument holds no weight at all and I'm totally blinded by my, uh, something. How could I have ever been so foolish as to doubt your ineffable wisdom?

Anonymous, that last comment

Anonymous, that last comment was very rude. Joseph Bayly is my pastor, and he is a wise man. I don't appreciate your disrespect for him.