Beware of False Shepherd Rob Bell

Every once in a while, I am reminded of something that I wish everybody knew: Rob Bell is a very smooth and deceptive man. Today I was reminded of this again when I read this post by Justin Taylor. Read it, and then warn your friends to stay away from Rob Bell--not to listen to him, read him, or watch his videos.

He has been leading people astray for long enough. It's time for the warning to go out. 

By the way, did you notice how well that video jives with what Derek Webb says? This stuff is *really* popular. It's not good enough to simply avoid this ourselves. When we see others being led astray, we must warn them, too.


What's Derek Webb say? All I

What's Derek Webb say? All I know about him is that he was in Caedmon's Call.

Hi Matt, Please see this

Hi Matt,

Please see this previous post for an explanation of why I brought up Derek Webb. I've changed the post to include the link: