No Sermon Recording From Last Sunday

Sorry everybody, but the recorder shut off about halfway through the sermon, because the battery died. So we don't have last Sunday's sermon on Acts 12:1-17.


Bummer! Well, at least now I

Bummer! Well, at least now I know that Luis isn't slacking on the job. ha

Pieces of a puzzle

So many big questions need to be answered -- the answers having been somehow lost from the church: What is a husband? What is a wife? What is marriage? What is a father? But also, what is the church? The answers affect how we live our lives!
These sermons on Acts have been helping me process the Scripture's teaching on what the church is -- they're helping me put the puzzle pieces together. Thank you.

Whenever my daughter puts together a 500 piece puzzle there is usually one piece missing (probably just got knocked onto the floor, but there's always the danger that it got chewed up by one of her brothers). I thought I would bring up how the puzzle pieces are coming together...on the occasion of a missing (sermon) puzzle piece. :)


Thanks Daniel. Praise God

Thanks Daniel. Praise God that He is using my weak work to your benefit. I guess that piece went to a different puzzle. :)