Is That Love or Hate?

I recently read a short piece by Peter Jones that gives a good look at the most recent step being taken in the USA to silence Christians on the issue of homosexuality. He explained of the Southern Poverty Law Center has put together a list of "hate groups", which includes Christian organizations that are "anti-gay." But who cares what some crazy left-wing group calls us? Sticks and stones and all that. In Peter Jones' words:

Something is different here. The SPLC has been granted a certain status by the Federal Government. In April, 2010 the Department of Homeland Security sent the SPLC's list of “potential domestic terrorists” to police departments all over the United States. The list, which is also used by the FBI, included such “anti-Americans” as Joseph Farah, CEO of World Net Daily; Cliff Kincaid, a Christian syndicated columnist; US Representatives Michele Bachman and Ron Paul, and TV personality Glenn Beck (who was doubtless unfazed!). To be branded a “hate group” by an organism closely associated with the administration in a climate of public intimidation, gives such slander a great deal more cultural weight.

One person that doesn't seemingly need to worry about being accused of such hate is Christian musician, Derek Webb. In his recent interview with The Huffington Post about the relationship between the church and the homosexual community, he was given many opportunities to address this very issue. Not to worry. He's all about love.

...whether your moral response to the gay issue is that it is perfectly permissible in the eyes of the Bible, or that it is totally reprehensible, your interpersonal response should be absolutely no different to gay people.

The response, by the way, is love. Period. It's love and open arms, regardless of your position on the morality.

...the most primary and basic ethics that compel us as followers of Jesus should change, and it would change everything and reorient us back to what it actually means to be a Christian: to love.

But one of the "interpersonal responses" that Jesus used was, "Go, and sin no more." So, Derek, is that love or hate? Or what about this one? "Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand."


That's kind of scary, huh?

That's kind of scary, huh? How much longer until persecution comes to the US? I sometimes wonder though: am I even living in such a way that I would face persecution if it did come?

I agree with Marj. comment

I agree with Marj. comment about she sometimes worrries if she is living the right get into heaven There have been different views on this subject for years and years and Men not God have carried out these different views on what way is the right way to get into heaven... My parents and grandma have passed on and I know they did not always live life without sin in it but the day my mom passed on she lifted her arm to the sky twice (which by the way she had been unable to move or speak for many months)and said "I'm coming Daddy".... I totally believe that she dad and my grandma are in heaven..So I guess my confusion has always been how can there be so many different versions of God and Heaven?